swoondle society review

here it is.  the good, the bad, and the really cute dresses but questionable business execution.

i saw a Facebook ad about 2 months ago for swoondle society and i was sucked in immediately.  kids grow out of their clothes in the blink of an eye!  and i love to dress B like she’s my little doll, but hate the hassle of reselling items on the BST pages when i’m really busy.  swoondle society seemed to have the answer to this.  here’s how it works:

  1. they send you a pre-paid bag to fill with your child’s excellent used condition clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  2. you put it in the mail and wait for an email confirming receipt of items.
  3. later, an email arrives in your inbox stating which items they have decided to keep and which they will be donating on your behalf.  this process took about 2 weeks from shipment date for us.
  4. your items are categorized and you are then allowed to “spend” your trades within your categories.  *catch* you cannot combine lower category items together to purchase higher level items. *extra catch* only your first FIVE trades are free.  that means if you sent 12 items like i did, you can only redeem 5 of them without paying the company.  BIG FROWN.  i had the option of paying $5 per extra item (which didn’t really make sense to me because i could go to a local thrift store and pay that and not have to trade B’s clothing in for them as well… but my fault for not initially reading the fine print, they have to make money somehow too, etc. etc.), or you can purchase a membership ($39 for 10 trades and the additional options went up from there).
  5. once you have carted all of your kid’s new duds, simply check out and pay for Priority shipping (this was the only shipping option available).

okay.  let’s be real here.  i love start up companies and everything they stand for.  but, a level of service is expected in the business world.  i paid $10.80 in “Priority shipping” for 5 items that easily fit into a bubble wrap envelope.  i thought i would definitely receive tracking within two days since it was a priority package.  i reached out and was told my items would ship monday.  on monday i received my tracking (woohoo!), i checked on wednesday and the usps website stated they were still awaiting acceptance of my package.  swoondle society said they would look into it on thursday morning, bringing the transaction to a week (not counting the initial processing and photography of my items).  not very happy.  my items finally arrived 9 business days after my order…. with a parcel select label on it.

the dresses were packaged nicely in individual plastic bags.

the quality of each item was as described on the website.

would I order from swoondle society again?

in short, no.  i was disappointed by the overall business model, the misleading cost and speed of shipping, and lack of customer service.  i would highly recommend that they change their website wording at checkout since the shipping method is not true to what they are utilizing.

have you tried swoondle society before and if so, what are your thoughts?  until next time…!



  1. Lindsay July 26, 2018

    Thank you for this review!!! I signed up instantly when I saw an advertisement for Swoondle but then when I got the bag and *after* I had gone through boxes of my kids clothes I saw the fine print about “5 items free and $5 after that”. I was pissed. I wasted so much time going through everything and just decided not to do it after all. It appears that l

  2. Lindsay July 26, 2018

    …will not be sending even 5 free ones due to the priority shipping requirement. This is *such* a good idea, though, if executed differently!!! Hopefully they will change up the business model soon!

  3. Melissa Mildren August 17, 2018

    I was so upset after I sent my 1st bag of clothes. They dont tell you upfront that you have to pay a “membership fee. They also groups some of my items together in bundles so I would have less credits. Maybe if it was a one time membership fee of $40, but $40 for ten items plus shipping is horrid. I will stick to local consignment shops or thread up.

  4. Angela August 23, 2018

    As you mentioned, yes, they do have to make money. However, i’m seriously wondering why they charge so much. Are they making a ton of money? Or is there some cost I’m not thinking about? I just can’t imagine why it’s so expensive. How could this possibly be a better deal than a local consignment shop?

  5. Mother of one September 27, 2018

    I didnt have the same experience i had great customer service shipping was only 6.99 for 10 items the membership plan was well within reason and shipped out the following morning after i placed my order.. i can not wait to upgrade my plan and send in more clothes to swoondle

  6. SArah October 2, 2018

    So, as someone who is researching all the ways to get rid of my babe’s outgrown clothes and who is thus far frustrated so MIGHT even decide to do this better(!), I have a question: why does it make you mad that only the first 5 trades are free?

    The mailing of your clothes is free, they inspect them, photograph them, run the web set to present them, store them, collect your selections and them mail them to you…Should the trades NOt cost money? I do agree that the postage pricing is hefty for small orders and I also think the a la carte pricing is steep once everything is added in (but apparently they *really* want you to swap!).But I am really curious, what do you think would be “fair”, swap cost wise? Or should they charge some other way? thanks for your thoughts.


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